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Now that the weather has cooled down in most of the country, its time to hit the road! Here's a few quick tips for a safe and comfortable long distance motorcycle ride! Plan ahead: Bring a paper map Plan gas stops and fill up frequently Know restaurant and hotel locations- eat right and get enough rest Pack essentials and emergency gear: Rain gear emergency communicators sun block hydration pack medicines/ toiletries and trauma gear flashlight power bank and extra cords for cellphone Keep your bike maintained: Check tires, fluids, chains, and lights Pack a tool kit/ flat repair kit/air compressor...

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holiday gift guide -

Shop small this holiday season with Telor Tactical. 

Our most giftable products include: The Stock Sock, Cheek Pad, Go-Band, Ride- Along auto holster, Comfort- Air Bodyband, Comfort-Air LE Ankle Holster, Comfort-Air In The Waistband holster, Sharkskin holster with or without a clip, t-shirts and Gift Cards!

Customers have been excited to use Telor Tactical for over 10 years! 

1 year warranty on fabric, 30 day hassle free returns, excellent customer service. 

See our other amazing products at www.breezyryder.com



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The Telor Tactical Bodyband was more comfortable than any other IWB rig I have tried.

While wearing the Bodyband, I engaged in a variety of activities, including sitting, driving, walking and working around the house.  The holster and gun stayed in place and was comfortable throughout.  I did not have any sharp or hard portions of the gun or holster rubbing or pushing into me.

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We asked a few of our retail partners why they chose to carry Telor Tactical Holsters in their stores... here's what they said!

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Discover why the Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Bodyband is the coolest and most comfortable bellyband for everyday carry!

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