Guest Blogger Tara of "How I Carry" reviews the Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster

Guest Blogger Tara of "How I Carry" reviews the Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster

Years ago, I began my concealed carry journey with a random belly band from Amazon. As much as I wanted to love it, I couldn’t deny that it was hot and bulky. Even worse, I fumbled with the retention strap when I practiced my draw. So, I tried another brand. This one offered zero trigger protection. A third belly band included a molded trigger guard, but was stiff and nearly impossible to conceal. The fourth and fifth left me sweaty, itchy, and miserable. It seemed like I had tried everything.

Enter the Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Bodyband. It looked promising, but I was skeptical. I had decided long ago that belly bands weren’t for me. I was impressed from the moment I took it out of the package. The lightweight spacer fabric was unlike anything I’d ever seen in a holster. Many belly bands are advertised as cool and breathable, but the Comfort-Air Bodyband truly lives up to that claim. When I tried it on, I barely noticed that I was wearing it.

I don’t like straps that add extra steps to my draw, but I still want my holsters to provide retention for my firearm. I’ve heard horror stories of loaded guns falling into toilets or clattering to the floor during physical altercations, and I definitely don’t want to experience those things firsthand. Luckily, the grippy slip-not pad inside the holster pocket secures my firearm without interfering with accessibility. Additional non-slip material between the holster and my body prevents the Bodyband from shifting around when I move. These features enable me to execute a smooth draw without pulling the entire holster out of place.

As a mom and a firearms instructor, safety is very important to me. I want to protect myself and my loved ones without subjecting anyone to the dangers of a negligent discharge. The thick, padded material of the Comfort-Air Bodyband does a great job protecting the trigger, which gives me peace of mind. It also works well with some of the molded Kydex trigger guards that I already own, thanks to the stretch-to-fit holster fabric.

The newest version of the Bodyband includes an extra pocket, which I love! Whether I want to carry a spare magazine, house key, or my ID and concealed carry permit, Telor Tactical has it covered. Even better, they can customize your belly band so that it’s perfect for you.

The Comfort-Air Bodyband seemed like everything I’d been looking for. I decided to put it to the ultimate test right out of the gate by going for a run in the heat of summer. Everything irritates me when I run. Just ask my poor husband! I can barely stand to carry my phone with me, much less a heavy firearm in a hot belly band. And so, on a warm June afternoon, I laced up my running shoes and hit the trail with my Glock 43X. I was immediately sold. I didn’t even think about my gun or the Bodyband other than to remark how comfortable it was. This was it! I had finally found “the one” for me.

Since then, I’ve reached for my Bodyband for everything from 5-hour road trips to weekend ATV rides. I’ve carried safely and confidently in jeans, shorts, joggers, and skirts. If your search for a comfortable, user-friendly belly band has left you feeling like a disappointed Goldilocks, I recommend taking a look at the Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Bodyband. You may find that it’s just right.

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