Love at first sight?

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Love at first sight?

At the beginning of the year, I looked into getting my concealed carry license. As a woman, I felt overwhelmed when looking at holsters. Like most first-time carriers, I first looked at Kydex (thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride) holsters; these are shaped to fit your specific gun and that gun only for most gun brands. The prices for these holsters range from $35 and up depending on your add- ons and designs. While they are nice to look at, most dig into your body and get quite uncomfortable.

One day I was scrolling on Instagram like most of us do and found Telor Tactical through one of my Instagram friends. He had shared his purchase, and I was intrigued for many reasons. I first noticed that the holster fit many different guns as not just a specific one. So, if you own many different sub-compact regardless of the brand, it would still fit the comfort-air in the waistband sub-compact holster. Same for their compact comfort-air IWB (in the waistband) holster.

The next thing I noticed was it was able to be worn in multiple positions on the body. This is great for someone carrying for the first time to help you find what is comfortable for your body. For example, I prefer appendix carry, but this holster allows for not only that but hip, 4-5 o'clock positioning, and many more. That is a huge win because most holsters on the market are built for one specific carry.

Now let's talk about comfort because we all know if you're not comfortable carrying, you're less likely to continue to carry. The holster is made up of medical-grade spacer fabric with 2x cool technology, and Sil-Air silicone foam inside so the top of the gun or holster will not dig into your side. One of the best parts is they are made in the USA and are machine washable. They offer the Comfort-Air in the Waistband holster at $54.99, and while that seems like a lot- just remember it fits all sub-compact or all compact guns depending on which size you buy. So, you're actually saving money!

Written by Instagram Customer: @Mommyofthree_121314

November 11,2020