Most Important Long Distance Motorcycle Trip Item!

Most Important Long Distance Motorcycle Trip Item!

Now that the weather has cooled down in most of the country, its time to hit the road!

Here's a few quick tips for a safe and comfortable long distance motorcycle ride!

Plan ahead:

  • Bring a paper map
  • Plan gas stops and fill up frequently
  • Know restaurant and hotel locations- eat right and get enough rest

Pack essentials and emergency gear:

  • Rain gear
  • emergency communicators
  • sun block
  • hydration pack
  • medicines/ toiletries and trauma gear
  • flashlight
  • power bank and extra cords for cellphone

Keep your bike maintained:

  • Check tires, fluids, chains, and lights
  • Pack a tool kit/ flat repair kit/air compressor

Have comfortable gear:

  • properly fitted helmet
  • moisture wicking layers
  • gloves and boots
  • ear plugs
  • Breezy Ryder seat cushion to reduce pain and fatigue!

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