Thinking about becoming a Telor Tactical dealer?

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Thinking about becoming a Telor Tactical dealer?

We asked a few of our retail partners why they chose to carry Telor Tactical Holsters in their stores... here's what they said!


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I work at Southeastern Armory, and we have been selling Telor Tactical holsters for eight years. Our store started as a small gun store, but we have grown to be one of the biggest in the area. We take pride in our knowledge, customer service, and the quality of the product we carry. This means we tend to be a little picky about the brands we carry and don’t sell anything that we ourselves wouldn’t use or trust, and we work hard to find the best fit for our customers. We would rather work one-on-one with our customers to help them pick what best fits their needs and encourage them to try holsters than just point them to a row of holsters to fend for themselves.  

We started selling Telor Tactical in 2013. From the start, we noticed that there was something different about their products. For us, three big selling points set them apart from other holsters. First, our store is in Georgia, and the fact that their holsters are the most breathable thing we sell is the deciding factor for many of our customers. The products are very popular in my store with both men and women especially when they spend a lot of time outside.

Actually, most of my holster sales are to women; this is the second big selling point, because most women don’t wear belts. Most holsters on the market require a belt; even inside the waistband, holsters need the belt to prevent the holster from being drawn with the pistol. The Telor Comfort Air IWB holsters will work even with leggings if the pistol is light enough. Both the Shark Skin and the Body Band is are completely independent units with no belt needed. Of course, men love them too. The body band is truly tuck-able with no trace, and all their holsters are extremely comfortable.

Third, they also fit just about any pistol on the market. The first time David came by to demonstrate his product to us he boasted about this fact. I made a snarky comment, holding up a Desert Eagle; I asked, “You got one to fit this?” He sighed and pulled his Glock 42 out of the holster he was wearing, adjusted the height, and stuck the massive pistol right in the same holster! We were impressed, to say the least.

I have several of their styles and use them regularly, and here in our store, we will continue to recommend them to our customers.

Joel- Southeastern Armory

About Southeastern ArmoryConveniently located in Friedman's Jewelers on Washington Road in Augusta, Georgia. Friendly, knowledgable and honest staff. We have more firearms than anyone in Augusta with prices that you'll find more competitive everyday. 

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I'm a small FFL located in the northeast corner of South Carolina and have been in business for five years. When I opened our store, a friend told me about Telor Products Holsters, so I contacted David. He was extremely helpful, and we set up to become a local dealer. When I received my first order of IWB holsters, my son grabbed one for his Sig and has worn it every day since. He is the first one to tell customers how comfortable and durable these holsters are. When asked how they hold up, he tells them that he wears his holster seven days a week, from the time he puts his pants on in the morning until they come off at night. He also lives on fifteen acres and owns two horses; when cleaning stalls or out mowing the pastures, his IWB is right there in all that dirt and sweat. He throws it in the washing machine, and it's ready for use the next day. I can attest that if you want the most comfortable and durable holsters, you will purchase a Telor. We stock the ankle holsters, the bellybands, and the IWB's. 

-David- The Hunter's Outpost

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About The Hunter's Outpost: Gun Store, Ammo, Hunting Supplies, Holsters, Sell, Trade, Transfers, State to State Transfers
The Hunters Outpost is the place to be for all your hunting needs!

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Smyrna Police Distributors has been in business since 1986. We take pride in outfitting Agencies from head to toe in multiple states. As a company, we strive to put our departments in the best quality gear at the best price while keeping them safe. Telor Tactical has always supported our Law Enforcement and Military across the country, and we are honored to sell their products. Telor's products have comfortability, great quality, and are very affordable. We recommend their products to all agencies. -Nick Wallace- SPD

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 Adventure Outdoors has been in business since 1977. We are "The Greatest Store On Earth". Over 18,000 Guns in stock, 17 Lane Shooting Range, Banquet Hall, and 80,000 square feet of inventory for all outdoor enthusiasts. We are always looking for the best products for our customers. Telor Tactical makes a product that is breathable and comfortable for our customers. Hikers, Joggers, and Hunters prefer the breathable material over many other brands while being safe carrying their firearm. -Nick Wallce

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Pink Gun LLC is a new to the market, firearms retailer, and customization application company. We combine art and firearms while most importantly focusing on influential efforts to encourage, train, and support women who decide to conceal carry for their and other's safety.

We help our customers find the perfect firearm, even if we don't have it. We strive to deliver the absolute best customer experiences from purchase to delivery. We speak to every firearms retailer we deliver to in an effort to make sure our customers receive the best services throughout their firearms purchase.  We are working for collaborations with other women-owned conceal carry clothing and general merchandise companies

We chose and hoped to collaborate with Telor Tactical because of their clear, quick, and positive customer service and witnessing their engagement with their current and potential future customers. The products we have tested and continue to use in our carry lives have not only held up greatly but also are overly comfortable, are clearly made with care. The material certainly exceeded our expectations in quality, durability, and performance, and we are excited to offer such impressive products (and believe me, we are not easily impressed).  We value these traits greatly and have been very proud and honored to provide their products and services. 

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Georgia Gun Club, LLC is located in the heart of Gwinnett County, Ga.  Rifle shooters can enjoy our 100-yard indoor range, which is the only one in Georgia and one of three in the entire Southeast. In total, our facility is 38,000 square feet and boasts 28 pistol and rifle lanes giving customers shorter wait times and privacy.

Our indoor range is also fully air-conditioned and climate-controlled for maximum comfort. The state-of-the-art facility is custom-designed with environmental controls in mind. We also offer 8,000 square feet of sales floor to take care of your firearm needs and look for unique products to offer our Members and guests. This is what prompted us to bring in Telor Tactical holsters. We were very impressed with the solutions the holsters give the consumer and the quality of the products. - Beth M. General Manager

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GT Distributors

G T Distributors has been supplying law enforcement agencies with on and off-duty gear since 1972. We have locations in Rossville, GA, Jacksonville, FL, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX and Kansas City, KS. We got involved with Telor Tactical in 2015 through a request from Georgia State Patrol for their ankle holsters. We were impressed with the design, its lightweight, breathability, and comfort. David came up to our Rossville, Georgia location and showed us the entire line. We had great success at our annual Glocktoberfest event in Georgia and duplicated that success at our following events in Dallas and Austin. David gave me an IWB to try, and I was an instant convert. I carry with a Telor IWB every day all day and can truthfully tell customers I sometimes forget I have it on until I’m getting ready to hit the rack. I seldom work retail but when I do I sell a ton of his gear because I own 6 now. We have zero returns, it’s a low SKU line as they are more small, medium, and large, and they are made in Georgia and not China.- Jim Orr, President & CEO of GT Distributors, Inc.

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