Retired DEA Special Agent Charlie Martinez's Comfort-Air Ankle Holster Review

Retired DEA Special Agent Charlie Martinez's Comfort-Air Ankle Holster Review

This is a great review we received from a long time loyal customer!

     My federal law enforcement career started in Miami Florida.  The first day in the office I was handed a badge, a Smith & Wesson revolver and six rounds of thirty-eight ammunition.  No Holster or spare ammo! Qualification with the issued weapon would take place sometime in the following six months. I was 21 years old, and eager to put every drug smuggler behind bars. I didn’t understand how Miami Vice detective Sonny Crockett could go to work without socks or what I was going to use for a holster for my newly issued wheel gun?

     The second day on the job I found myself in a bar on south beach negotiating with a bad guy for delivery of a plane load of some good “shit”.  During the operational briefing for the undercover meeting, which took place in the car on the way to my first undercover assignment I was advised to wrap some rubber bands around the wooden grips of the smith to keep the gun from slipping past the waist band of my size 28 Levis.

     Soon after that first UC meeting, I realized the job was nothing like the glamourous imagination of American TV Producers and that having a good holster was essential.

     During My Thirty-year career I traveled all over the world in pursuit of bad guys and always was searching for the perfect holster. I found that ankle holsters were a good answer for a backup piece but never found a comfortable one, and I tried a lot of them!  These days I’m retired and find myself teaching firearms skills.  I’m always being asked “ What holster should I purchase?"

      A couple years back I purchased a Telor Tactical ankle holster.  I’ve carried a Smith Model Sixty and my Glock 43X in the Telor holsters.  I have carried them in the office, while shopping, traveling, on the range, and for long days while operating heavy equipment.  Without exception your product is the best ankle holster I have used, at times forgetting that I’m wearing it.  It is comfortable, durable, minimizes perspiration in all environmental conditions, effectively retains the handgun even during running tactical situations.

     The product is well thought out and put together with quality components in the USA. Without question the best ankle holster I have ever used!

Charlie Martinez

DEA Special Agent/Pilot


Submitted: May 5, 2020

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