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We asked a few of our retail partners why they chose to carry Telor Tactical Holsters in their stores... here's what they said!

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We want to be safe, we want to be comfortable. Chances are if your holster is uncomfortable, doesn't allow you sit or move, or you can only wear one pair of pants and sweater with your holster to properly conceal- you are not going to carry everyday- and carrying everyday is the goal!

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Will my gun fit?! Most likely- yes! Our holsters are designed to fit most handguns. Our Sub-Compact size fits most small guns similar to a Ruger LCP. Larger guns- bigger than a Glock 43 will fit our Compact size. If you have a customization like a TLR light or laser attached to your gun we can create a custom fit, just send us an email at sales@telorproducts.com to discuss your options. Not sure how your gun compares? Go to https://www.handgunhero.com/tabletop for a visual comparison of any gun.  Here is a suggested size list for our Holster varieties. This is a reference...

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