The Complaint Department

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The Complaint Department

When you decide to conceal carry a weapon for self-defense, a huge decision must be made... I'm not talking about which gun to carry, can I see myself carrying a gun?... no. I'm talking- how will I carry this deadly weapon on my body, and how will I do so comfortably?! Guns are cold hard metal- clothes are soft and warm- I know I don't want a cold hard holster against my body all day. I mean who does? 

We want to be safe, we want to be comfortable. Chances are if your holster is uncomfortable, doesn't allow you sit or move, or you can only wear one pair of pants and sweater with your holster to properly conceal- you are not going to carry everyday- and carrying everyday is the goal!

Have you said any of these phrases?

Have you seen these on chat groups about concealed carry?

I bet you have!

  • My kydex holster is hard and pinches my skin!
  • My kydex holster is cold against my skin!
  • My kydex holster makes it hard to sit or bend!
  • I hate wearing belts and I need a sturdy belt to properly wear my holster!
  • I want to wear leggings, but they won’t hold up my holster!
  • I don’t want a gun lodged under my bra pointing at my chest!
  • My bellyband is hot/ tight/ hard to conceal!
  • My leather holster gets too sweaty!
  • My holster is bulky and prints with all my outfits.
  • I need a different holster for every gun I own? That can get pricey!
  • I don’t want an ankle holster with a garter belt!

Telor Tactical Comfort-Air holsters offer solutions

to these common problems!

  • Our Comfort-Air holsters eliminate sweating and heat build up with our newly enhanced 2x cooling fabric!
  • Comfort-Air holsters have no hard kydex- they are made with medical grade spacer fabric (made to be gentle on skin) and patented Sil-Air foam that creates a cushion between the body and gun- that still breathes!
  • Our unique contoured holsters move with the body- not against it making sitting, bending and everyday activities easier while carrying. Our ankle holster says put while walking and running! (Tested and used by Law Enforcement agencies around the US)
  • The Comfort-Air bodyband is a great solution for women- or men who don’t like to wear belts every day.
  • The Comfort-Air in the Waistband works great with leggings, workout shorts and dress pants because the spring steel clips adjust to the waistband and the lightweight contoured design won’t pull pants down! (The clips don’t damage fabric)
  • The low-profile design of all our holsters make concealing a breeze. The bodyband, ITW, and sharkskin can be worn in multiple positions- this makes planning outfits and activities easier.
  • Our holsters come in just 2 sizes saving you time and money when you want to switch your handgun.
  • You are more likely to carry everyday if you have a comfortable and versatile holster.