The Anatomy of the Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster

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The Anatomy of the Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster

Our BodyBand is loved by thousands of people because of its unique design, high-quality medical-grade materials and overall functionality! 

Lets take a closer look at why the Comfort-Air Bodyband is such a great choice for anyone who wants to carry their gun comfortably in a variety of outfits and situations.

The band-

Our band is made with a unique phase change material  that will actively cool down while worn. Its lightweight and breathable to allow airflow, and its soft and comfortable against the body so it won't cause irritation while worn directly against the skin. This magic material is perfect for hot summer days- it stays cool, wicks away moisture and is completely machine washable! Its also great under winter gear as it can be worn anywhere on the torso that is easiest to draw from. 

We use the highest quality hook and loop closure so it will never come undone until you want to remove it . There is also a perforated slip-not pad behind the gun that prevents it from sliding around.

The rubberized slip-not pad wraps around a piece of Sil-Air foam (to protect you from bruising) and adds retention to the weapon. Both the foam and the slip not allow airflow to keep you cool- doing double duty!

Trigger Guard Concerns?!

There is a lot of buzz on social media about fabric holsters and their lack of a hard kydex trigger guard. We took careful consideration of trigger safety and use a 3mm thick double reinforced neoprene holster, making it very difficult to accidentally pull the trigger through. 

You may use a hard kydex trigger guard with your band because the holster will stretch to fit allowing room for a trigger guard similar to this one: 


Get your Comfort-Air Bodyband today! They are available in sizes small through 4xl (24" up to a 58" waist), left and right handed, and 2 stretch-to fit sizes to fit most handguns. 

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