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“It is better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it.” @Tacticalphd Although almost everyone in the concealed carry world would agree more people should carry, we often fail to realize the psychological cost of making that initial decision and how we often inadvertently make it more costly.  As the year 2020 has seen an estimated 3 million new gun owners it is worth taking a minute to look at the series of decisions involved in carrying and the realities of a gun’s unlikely defensive use.  Most credible attempts to estimate...

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Now let's talk about comfort because we all know if you're not comfortable carrying, you're less likely to continue to carry. The holster is made up of medical-grade spacer fabric with 2x cool technology, and Sil-Air silicone foam inside so the top of the gun or holster will not dig into your side. 

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Telor Tactical Factory Tour in Ringgold, GA!

We take pride in our products by choosing the highest quality materials, sourcing them through other American owned businesses.

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