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The NarcSoc is a must for any first responder! If you carry NARCAN, it should be in a Telor Tactical NarcSoc!

This protective pouch is lined with a 2x Cool phase change material to quickly and effectively regulate temperature-sensitive NARCAN. 

When the temperature rises to about 88 degrees the 1st phase of the cooling takes effect. If it rises to about 99 degrees the 2nd phase of cooling kicks in. These phases last about 45 minutes each. It is not recommended to leave the NarcSoc in a hot vehicle or keep it exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time, as it not an ice pack and can only stay cool for so long. 

The 2x Cool phases will restart once it is brought down to temperatures below 87 degrees for 5 minutes or longer! 

Features & Benefits
•Neoprene for moisture protection.
•2X Cool phase-change material helps regulate Narcan temperature.
•Small size is Perfect for pocket or belt carry.  
•Small size holds one unit comfortably, larger size available for more capacity.

*Special offer- limited quantities of the unique limited edition basketweave design!*

Send us a message to request a sample or if you need to place a large order to supply your entire 1st response department!

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