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Are you looking for a more comfortable alternative to your hard Kydex holster? Need a versatile holster that fits a wide variety of handguns or won't ruin your new cerakote design? 

The Comfort-Air in the waistband is the holster you have been looking for!

This holster features a unique contoured shape that moves with your body as you wear it, preventing pressure points. It sits flat against your body and tucks right into your waistband. Wear with or without a belt! The two spring-steel clips ensure a strong, reinforced hold on your clothing or belt and will never bend out of shape or tear your clothes. 


This holster's most beneficial feature is the patented Sil-Air Silicone Foam insert that prevents your gun from digging into your body while cradling your gun for a snug and secure fit. This makes appendix carrying- or any position carry- a breeze! 

The best part of our Comfort-Air holsters? They feature a medical-grade next-generation phase change material that creates a dual effect; quick cold-to-the-touch feel combined with a longer cooling effect for ultimate breathability and sweat prevention while you wear it! And it is completely machine washable (air dry only).

Our 2 stretch-to-fit neoprene holster sizes will accommodate most handguns. Sub-compact will fit most small framed handguns (similar in size to a Ruger LCP or Glock 43), and the Compact will fit larger framed guns (similar in size to a Glock 19). We ensure a great fit for any handgun you carry. If you have a laser added to your gun, we have included a larger option (compact with TLR).

Trigger concerns or reholstering concerns? Our holster sleeve is a 3mm thick double reinforced neoprene that is very difficult to pull through. The holster is attached in a way that fits tight around your weapon and will stay open enough for reholstering. 


Still not sure? Read this review from ambassador, alloutdoor writer, and gun store owner Adam Scepaniak


Use the fit chart to choose between Sub-Compact or Compact.

Your gun not listed? Compare yours to one listed on for the best fit. 

Comfort-Air ITW Fit Chart
Sub-Compact Compact
Ruger LCP Glock 43, 26, 27 30
Sig P238, P938, P365 Springfield XD
Keltec .380 Sig P226
Taurus TCP Taurus Judge PD
S&W Bodyguard SCCY CPX 1, CPX2
Beretta Nano .380 Glock 19,23,32, 43
Glock 42 Glock 17,22,37
S&W Shield Sig P226
Ruger LC9 Beretta 90 Series
Keltec PF9 Beretta Px4 Storm
Khar PM9, CW9 Walther PPQ
Walther PPK Springfield XDM
Springfield XDS HK P30, 45
Beretta Nano 9mm Springfield Hellcat





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