Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster - Belly Band Holster

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Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster - Belly Band Holster

You've seen other the bellybands- a thick band made from neoprene or elastic that squeezes, pinches, rolls, and makes you sweat excessively! Now try something truly different- The most comfortable belly band holster ever!

Read the Blog Post: The Anatomy of the Comfort-Air Bodyband to learn even more.

The Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Bodyband is designed with your body in mind. The band is made from a breathable, lightweight diamond spacer with next-generation phase change material that creates a dual cooling (2x Cool) effect; quick cold-to-the-touch combined with a longer cooling effect. We use the strongest hook and loop closure to ensure your bodyband stays in place. 

This holster is THE BEST for running, walking, working out, riding a bike/motorcycle or horse; it's not going anywhere! 

We ensure a great fit for anyone! Men and women of all shapes and sizes love their bodyband! It's easily adjustable and available in sizes small through 4XL. Choose left or right-handed draw.

Size Chart: Measured in inches 

Small- 24-30"

Medium- 28-34"

Med/Lg- 30-33"

Large- 34-40"

XL- 38-44"

2XL- 42-49"

3XL- 46-56"



  • 2X Cool cooling fabric for a cool-to-the-touch effect that reduces heat build-up and sweat
  • 4-inch wide air exchange band design to disperse pressure for better circulation
  • Non-slip material backing ensures it stays in place on your body
  • Perforated Slip-not pad secures your gun safely in the holster till you need it
  • Machine Washable
  • Patented Sil-Air Silicone Foam behind the holster molds to your gun and prevents it from digging into your body- you may forget it's even on you!
  • Stretch-to-shape holster design creates a perfect fit for your gun
  • Two sizes available, Compact Semi-automatics and Subcompact/revolver, to fit a wide variety of guns
  • Magazine Pocket (also holds keys, credit cards, knives)
  • Thick double reinforced neoprene holster sleeve prevents unwanted trigger pulls and protects the guns finish
  • Low profile for a truly concealed carry
  • Wear it without a belt, over leggings, with gym shorts, and work clothes
  • High Quality, Durable Materials- 1-year limited warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA (Ringgold, GA)


 The Bodyband Holster fits most handguns on the market! 

Ruger LCP
Glock 42, 43
Glock 26, 27 30
Sig P238, P938, P365
Glock 19,23,32
Keltec .380
S&W Shield
Glock 17,22,37
Taurus TCP
Ruger LC9
S&W Bodyguard
Khar PM9, CW9
Springfield XD
Beretta Nano .380
Springfield XDS
Sig P226
Springfield Hellcat
Taurus Judge PD
Walther PPK
Beretta 90 Series
Keltec PF9
Beretta Px4 Storm
S&W Airweight / 642
Walther PPQ
Ruger LCR
Springfield XDM
Taurus 85VTA
HK P30, 45
Colt Detective Special



Here are some excerpts from reviews we received through email
"These are the best-concealed holsters ever. Women can use them and wear them placed right under their bra, and they are so comfortable, and you do not feel the weight of your gun as you do in most holsters. We purchased one at a Gun and knife show and loved it so much that my husband and I fought over who was going to wear it instead of one of our many others. We wore it out completely. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE it."
"This holster is incredibly breathable, does not collapse into muffin top creases, I can pull it tight and it barely makes a dent - so no additional unsightly rolls. It holds the gun securely on the front of my stomach and is incredibly comfortable. I wanted a holster without a zipper or retention strap to get past in the event I have to defend myself. Stuff happens quickly and any additional gizmos to get past would slow my draw. I usually carry from 1-3 o'clock positions so this at 12:00 doesn't confuse my draw. I have truly torture tested this. For the past two months, I've run wooded hilly trails and flat roads with it. I ran 8 miles last Saturday and the group of girls I ran with asked me if I was armed at the end of the run. They'd been in my ccw class in August so they remembered I'd sung praises about this holster but with a solid grey shirt on, no pattern, they couldn't tell if I had it on thru the 8 miles of running. This holster fits my body shape. I'd recommend it to anyone!"
"Hello again, My wife has tried just about every holster you can imagine and has refused to carry on her body, always has her Sig Sauer 380 in a purse or backpack.  She just tried my new Telor body band and had to have one.  Same size as mine and right-handed, but for a subcompact.  Already ordered online.  Thanks so much for making a great product!"- Gary