The Breezy Ryder Motorcycle Seat Cushion

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Ride the wind with
The Most Comfortable Ride You'll Ever Have!

Why trust the Breezy Ryder?

I'm David Leverett, the owner, and designer for Telor Products in Ringgold, GA. I have over 25 years of medical seating design and development and I was on the ISO and RESNA Standards committee for wheelchair seating for 9 years. I currently design, develop and manufacture for a top wheelchair brand, but I want to offer exceptional seating solutions for everyone!

Most of the products I design start as requests from friends who know and trust my expertise to create solutions to their problems, such as uncomfortable office chairs, long uncomfortable car rides, and now cross-country motorcycle rides. So, I created the Breezy Seat, an everyday chair cushion, and the Breezy Ryder!  With the use of high-quality medical-grade materials that are proven to work- my seat cushions are improving the lives of everyone who uses them!

***Customer Testimonial: Just spent 2 days on the new Breezy Ryder seat! It was the best ride I have ever had- my bottom never got hot and the vibration from the bike was less noticeable. Thanks, David for the easy breezy cushion! if anyone wants a stylish cover with lots of comfort they are going to have to try this seat cover. Thanks from Tony W.

****Customer Testimonial: I took my first ride with the Breezy Ryder seat cushion, and it was amazing! I have lower back pain when the bike goes over train tracks, and I have to stand up while crossing them but not with the Breezy Ryder- it absorbed all the shock and made for a super smooth ride! My weekend ride with my husband was much more enjoyable for both of us with the Breezy Ryder.- Sandra W. Cisco GA

How is the Breezy Ryder different from other motorcycle seat pads on the market? 

The Breezy Ryder is not a simple pad that straps on a motorcycle seat. The extraordinary Breezy Ryder is designed to wrap around the bottom of the seat, secured with a drawstring and straps for a sleek, professional upholstered look while offering improved circulation and a much cooler ride.

The very core of the cushion is a unique patented Sil-Air silicone foam that provides excellent support, allows air to flow completely through all sides, dries quickly, and is water, heat, and cold resistant.

This incredible foam promotes blood flow to reduce fatigue and absorbs shock to reduce vibrations that cause numbness and pain.

It doesn't just look cool; it is cool! The cover of the Breezy Ryder is an advanced 2X cooling diamond spacer fabric that actively cools down while seated. This means no more swamp ass, reduced soreness, and long-lasting comfort for long rides into the sunset!

Features and Benefits!
  • Patented Sil-Air foam allows airflow through the seat to eliminate heat build-up
  • Promotes blood circulation to reduce fatigue and numbness
  • Reduces vibrations that aggravate back pain 
  • Moisture-wicking, cooling spacer fabric stays dry and feels cool
  • Non-slip perforated material under the cushion 
  • Sleek wrap-around design with paracord draw-string
  • UV ray fabric protection to prevent fading
  • Machine washable/air dry


How the Breezy Ryder was born!

"I grew up riding but I’ve only been riding long distances for about three years. I recently traded in my Street Glide for a Road Glide and I love it. My only real complaint is I have had a hard time adjusting to the new seat. My fiancé and I just took a 12-hour ride to Nashville up the Natchez Trace and although the views were spectacular my body took a beating on the stock seat. My back and shoulders were hurting but my ass was completely worn out. It was hot and the vibration and sweat took a toll on me. I called my buddy David Leverett and told him about the issues I was having. He said I think I can help you. David worked through the next day or two and made a seat pad from photos I sent him out of his medical-grade breathable foam. I won’t tell you I know much about this foam but I can tell you one thing for sure. I strapped that pad on my bike and rode 10 hours back home with absolutely zero pain. That’s right it took 2 hours less to get home because we stopped half as many times. Not only did this seat pad eliminate the pain but we were much more comfortable because it was like riding on air-conditioned seats. Thanks so much David. Your product is #1 in my book." - Brian H.


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