Ride-Along Auto Holster

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The Telor Tactical Ride-Along Auto Holster puts your handgun in the perfect position for an easy draw, as it is set up at the front of your seat. It is easy to install and very secure and discrete. It also has a pocket for an extra magazine or auto rescue knife.

  • Places your gun in the perfect position on the driver's seat for a quick and easy draw.
  • Easily installs in most vehicles.
  • Very discrete and secure.
  • Extra pocket for magazine, or auto rescue knife, accessories.
  • Available in 2 stretch-to-fit holster sizes to fit a wide variety of handguns. Sub-Compact for small frame guns such as small .380 auto or Compact for most any 9mm or larger cal.
  • Available in right or left-handed draw.
  • Stays in position with the unique design and slip-not underside.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Spot clean.
  • High-quality materials, and made in the USA!