Stock Sock Recoil Suppressor

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Enjoy the Kick of shooting and hunting without being kicked by your gun!

The Telor Tactical Stock Sock uses Sil-Air Foam technology to significantly reduce the effects of recoil, while the neoprene sock protects the stock of your gun. The properties of Sil-Air foam silicone foam absorb the kick of the gun much better than the top-selling hard rubber products. The Stock Sock also has a slip-not butt and forms to the shape of your shoulder keeping securely in place while you shoot. The Stock Sock is available plain and with both shotgun and rifle shell holders. In a side-by-side comparison conducted at a clay pigeon shooting range, participants tried a similar top-selling stock sock and ours. The participants chose Telor Tactical's for its superior comfort while shooting.

  • Uses Sil-Air Silicone Foam to significantly reduce the effects of recoil 
  • Increases accuracy and stability 
  • The Sil-Air Silicone Foam forms to the shape of your shoulder for a secure and comfortable fit
  • The slip-not butt holds fast to your shoulder
  • Designed to fit over most standard firearm stocks and hard to fit stocks 
  • Soft inner liner protects the stock of your shotgun or rifle
  • No tools or modifications are necessary 
  • Available plain or with shotgun or rifle shell holders ($5.00)
  • Shell holder models are available for left or right-hand shooting.
  • Proudly made in the USA!