About Us


Our Mission: Telor Tactical is committed to providing the most superior wearable concealed carry products for everyday citizens, law enforcement agents, first responders, and military personnel. If you value your safety and security, Telor Tactical has the products you need.

We use our background in orthotics, seating, and positioning of disabled persons along with our decades’ worth of medical knowledge to develop innovative and unique carry solutions for daily life. We use the most advanced available medical materials and fabrics to deliver superior comfort and performance for your carry needs.

Who We Are
Telor Products, LLC was founded by David Leverett. David has more than 20 years of experience in product development, design, and manufacturing. His passion was to create an organization that could bring his ideas, and the ideas of others, to market. Telor Products, LLC makes David’s passion a reality. By surrounding himself with an excellent team, David has made it possible for Telor Products, LLC to develop, design, manufacture, and market new products. Telor Products, LLC uses our cut and sew operation to make our products and products for other companies here in the USA.


Our team’s expertise covers 6 categories:
Tactical Products
Medical – Tissue Management, Positioning, and Orthotics
Sports Protective Gear
Travel Seating
Hunting and Fishing Gear
    Our team can help you turn your concepts into a design that is ready to be efficiently manufactured. We also have a network of materials suppliers and manufacturing partners, both here in the US and internationally, to bring your product designs to life. We also have partnerships with sales and distribution organizations to sell and move products in the appropriate markets.

    Telor Products, LLC not only specializes in designing and manufacturing our products, but we work with other companies to turn their visions into reality. Our knowledgeable team of experts can help you take your product from concept to design, from design to tooling, from tooling to manufacturing, and from manufacturing to sales. When you have an idea for a product but need help getting it off the ground, call Telor Products, LLC. We can help you realize your full potential.