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"Highly recommend this company! Great holsters, especially for the active person. I like to jog and workout and these work amazing! Super comfortable and secure. Great for concealed carry no matter what you’re wearing. Great customer service as well. 5 stars!!" - Ms1914

"I am in love with their in the waistband holsters! I own two of them as a matter of fact! And I don’t ever leave home without one of them on me. The attention to detail and the fabric it just feels like one of a kind, I made the switch to Telor Tactical and I won’t ever need another brand again!" - Juan C.

"The ankle holster is probably the best ankle holster that I have used to date. It is all of the things you said it is in the video and more. I have worn in all day every day since the day it arrived. I have shown and told friends and clients that you got to get leather and Kydex out of your mind, especially for ankle use. Stays in place, no slipping, very comfortable!"  - Russ Strickland - Patriot Firearm Training

"I learned of Telor tactical at Shot Show. The customer service, order and deliver are great. I’ve been wearing a Comfort-Air Ankle Holsters made by Telor Tactical for about 6 months. I use the boot extender so the holster is over my boots. The holster is comfortable and stays in the location I want, no shifting or rolling. The holster secures the firearm well. As with any ankle holster it takes practice and training to remove the firearm effectively. I’m pleased with my purchase." - Chris S.

"I was once suckered into a kydex hardshell holster by tactical buzz words and fancy printing. Until I met David at GTs and got to talk to him about his product. Everything he said made a lot more sense than what I had come to expect from an inside the waistband holster. Locally owned and American made, what else could i possibly look for?" - LJ J.

"Bought comfort ankle rig for P320 and has been a champ. Lightweight, breathes well, no sweat through, easy to run in without bounce or dig." - J. Scott

"I find most bellyband holsters to be hot, scratchy, or uncomfortable. I want more than a flimsy layer of fabric over the trigger. I want retention so that my firearm doesn’t fall out, but I don’t want fussy straps that slow my draw and require extra practice. The @telortactical Comfort Air Bodyband is everything I want, and nothing I don’t. The breathable spacer fabric keeps me cool and the padded, non-slip backing prevents shifting. A slip-not pad in the back of the holster pocket keeps my Glock 43X in place and serves as a cushion between my body and the hard angles of the gun. And, there’s an extra pocket for a spare Mag, keys, ID, or whatever you may need. If you want to add a molded trigger guard, there are ways to do that, too!"- Tara C.

"Phenomenal craftsmanship! I love the fact that they’re made here in the South and that these aren’t imported products—100% American made!

"Great communication with order and shipping info and got to me super quick! The first day I wore the bellyband holster, I had it on for 10 hours and it was incredibly comfortable! Buy from them and you will NOT regret it!"- Nathan H.
"I carry everyday and 12+ hours a day with this holster. My company sells a dozen brands of concealed carry holsters and I've tried them all. I've not found a more comfortable holster after four years of using it. I own about 6 now. I don't work the retail side except at events but when I do I will personally sell 75% of the people looking for an IWB a 
Telor Tactical
 Comfort-Air holster. Thanks for convincing me to try one David!"- Jim Orr of www.gtdistributors.com

The Telor Tactical Bodyband was more comfortable than any other IWB rig I have tried.

While wearing the Bodyband, I engaged in a variety of activities, including sitting, driving, walking and working around the house.  The holster and gun stayed in place and was comfortable throughout.  I did not have any sharp or hard portions of the gun or holster rubbing or pushing into me.- R, Johnson 

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