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"One of the keys to successful ankle carry of your XD-E is in selecting a great holster. The most comfortable rig I’ve found is the Comfort-Air Ankle Holster from Telor Tactical.

Telor Tactical was founded by a gun enthusiast with a background in materials designed for the medical industry. These materials had to be durable yet comfortable for long-term wear on the body. Medical materials must have good airflow to the skin plus be resistant to bacteria and dirt. What better materials could be used for holsters?" -From R. Johnson. Read the full review here:

Thank you Armory Life for naming the Comfort-Air Ankle holster a TOP 5 pick for BEST Holster for Springfield Armory's XD-E!

The Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Ankle Holster is the most comfortable lightweight ankle holster you will ever wear. This is because the Comfort-Air Ankle Holster features a 2x cooling diamond spacer fabric used for medical cushions, designed to allow airflow to your leg that will keep your ankle cool and dry.

Our wide design creates a comfortable and secure fit by distributing the pressure around your leg, allowing for better circulation. The slip-not material wraps around the entire holster so it holds in place during activities.

The Sil-Air foam padding behind the gun is a patented silicone foam that allows airflow to the leg while forming to both the gun and the leg.  Sil-Air also reduces the imprint of the gun on the leg.

Our neoprene holster forms to most guns creating a perfect fit. 

The amazing lightweight design is so cool and so comfortable that it is hardly noticeable to the wearer, even on hot days. Other ankle gun holsters on the market are bulky and heavy, as they are designed with vinyl, leather, and bulky elastic... Telor Tactical makes concealed gun carry a pleasure.

  • Now features our new phase change 2x cooling fabric that creates a cool to the touch effect and a continuous cooling effect while you wear it 
  • So lightweight you might forget its on
  • Full 6-inch wide air exchange band design to disperse pressure for better circulation
  • Large Non-slip material holds the holster in place, even while running
  • Perforated Non-slip material to maintain airflow
  • Sil-Air Silicone foam padding between gun and ankle for superior comfort
  • Machine Washable
  • Stretch-to-shape holster design creates a perfect fit for your gun
  • Comfortable, soft adjustable
  • Safety strap secures your gun in the holster until you need it
  • Two sizes available, Compact Semi-automatics and Subcompact/revolver (typically .380 or .22)
  • Affordable high-quality medical grade materials- won't rip or tear
  • Strong hook and loop closure to secure it in place
  • Proudly made in the USA

"Hey, I bought one of your comfort air ankle holsters for my P3AT at the gunshow in Savannah this past weekend. I really like it! I never thought anankle holster could be that comfortable, but it is".- Jeff

In deciding the proper ankle size, most people fit in the standard size. If you are unsure measure around your leg in the center of the area you plan to wear your ankle holster. Our standard size fits 9.5"-12", the Extra Large fits over 12" and the Small under 9.5".

Sizing Suggestions:

To compare your gun to the examples in our sizing chart pictured go to for the best fit. 

**If you have a S&W Shield or M&P9, please size up to a compact.**

Comfort-Air Ankle Holsters
Sub-Compact Compact
Ruger LCP Glock 26, 27 30
Sig P238, P938 Springfield XD
Keltec .380 Sig P226
Taurus TCP Glock 42, 43
S&W Bodyguard SCCY CPX 1,CPX2
Beretta Nano .380 S&W Shield
  Ruger LC9
  Keltec PF9
  Khar PM9, CW9
  Walther PPK
  Springfield XDS, Hellcat
  Beretta Nano 9mm

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