Comfort-Air Bodyband Gray (Limited Quantities)

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The Original Comfort-Air bodyband
Limited quantities available
Your new favorite bodyband holster!
  • Medical-Grade spacer fabric for ultimate comfort. Super breathable and lightweight
  • Gray color disappears under light-colored clothing
  • Double reinforced neoprene holster for a secure fit and prevents unwanted trigger pulls
  • Slip-not fabric and strong hook and loop closure prevents unwanted shifting and movement
  • Patented Sil-Air Foam prevents your gun from digging into your body
  • A best-seller among our retail stores
  • Can be worn anywhere on the body for a personalized fit
  • Sub-Compact fits small guns similar to a Ruger LCP/LC380
  • Compact fits larger guns similar to a Glock 43 and larger
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect under leggings- very low profile design

Size Chart: Measured in inches 

Small- 24-30"

Medium- 28-34"

Med/Lg- 30-33"

Large- 34-40"

XL- 38-44"

2XL- 42-49"

3XL- 46-56"


Holster Fit Chart:

Comfort-Air Bodyband and Go-Band Holsters
Ruger LCP
Glock 42, 43
Glock 26, 27 30
Sig P238, P938, P365
Glock 19,23,32
Keltec .380
S&W Shield
Glock 17,22,37
Taurus TCP
Ruger LC9
S&W Bodyguard
Khar PM9, CW9
Springfield XD
Beretta Nano .380
Springfield XDS
Sig P226
Springfield Hellcat
Taurus Judge PD
Walther PPK
Beretta 90 Series
Keltec PF9
Beretta Px4 Storm
S&W Airweight / 642
Walther PPQ
Ruger LCR
Springfield XDM
Taurus 85VTA
HK P30, 45
Cult Detective Special