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The Telor Tactical Ride-Along Auto Holster puts your handgun in the perfect position for an easy draw, as it is set up at the front of your seat. It is easy to install and very secure and discrete. It also has a pocket for an extra magazine or auto rescue knife.

  • Places your gun in the perfect position on the driver's seat for a quick and easy draw.
  • Easily installs in most vehicles.
  • Very discrete and secure.
  • Extra pocket for a magazine, or auto rescue knife, accessories.
  • Available in 2 stretch-to-fit neoprene holster sizes to fit a wide variety of handguns. Sub-Compact for small frame guns such as small .380 auto or Compact for most any 9mm or larger cal.
  • Available in right or left-handed draw.
  • Stays in position with the unique design and slip-not underside.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Spot clean.
  • High-quality materials, and made in the USA! 
Comfort-Air ITW and Ride-Along Holsters
Sub-Compact Compact
Ruger LCP Glock 43, 26, 27 30
Sig P238, P938, P365 Springfield XD
Keltec .380 Sig P226
Taurus TCP Taurus Judge PD
S&W Bodyguard SCCY CPX 1,CPX2
Beretta Nano .380 Glock 19,23,32, 43
Glock 42 Glock 17,22,37
S&W Shield Sig P226
Ruger LC9 Beretta 90 Series
Keltec PF9 Beretta Px4 Storm
Khar PM9, CW9 Walther PPQ
Walther PPK Springfield XDM
Springfield XDS HK P30, 45
Beretta Nano 9mm Springfield Hellcat



Install Instructions

  1. Place the Ride-Along Auto Holster on the car seat near the front (fig. 1). Then wrap the straps with the side release buckles around the seat. (fig. 2 & 3)
  2. Pull the strap on the inside of the seat down between the seat and the console and pull around to the back of the seat. (fig. 2) Then wrap the strap on the door side of the seat around to the back of the seat (fig. 3) (some seats will allow the strap to go through the gap beside the seatbelt as in fig. 4. Now connect the buckle and leave loose. (fig. 5)
  3. Pull the holster onto the front of the seat, centered and positioned just below the front edge (fig. 6). Now tighten straps around the seat (try to keep the strap up on the seat instead wrapping underneath the seat).

  4. Push straps with hook ends (Velcro-style piece) under the seat towards the back. Now, from the back of the seat, pull the straps tight under the seat and attach hook ends to the lower portion of the back of the seat (on most seats this lower portion is Velcro compatible as in fig. 8. Now adjust straps until the fit is just right and snug. (fig 9) Some cars may have more options and attachments under the seat and therefore may require longer straps in order to reach the Velcro-compatible portion of the seatback. For these cases, we have included extensions that simply attach to the end of the lower straps.
  5.  If you do not have the Velcro-compatible portion at the lower part of the back of your seat: We adapted the strap so that you can look under your seat to find spring metal supporting the foam in your seat. Just pull the two lower straps under the seat and wrap each strap around one of these wire supports. Then pull it tight back toward the front of the seat and attach the hook end of the strap to the loop side of the strap (fig. 10).

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